This course provides students with opportunities to learn techniques in hairstyling and aesthetics that meet industry standards, using appropriate materials and equipment. Students will identify trends in the hairstyling and aesthetics industry; describe scientific and physical processes used in beauty services; learn to respect environmental, health, and safety laws; and explore career opportunities.


Weights may vary for individual modules, but the following is the general formula:

Theory 5%

This includes all assigned homework, quizzes, worksheets, assignments, etc.


Final Module Exam 15%

A final exam must be completed, and a mark of 70% achieved before the module can be completed.  If a mark of 70% is not achieved extra assignments must be completed, to a level of 70% or higher. 

Intermediate & Advanced Students – you are welcome to challenge the module exam, but if a mark of 80% or higher is not achieved, you will complete the Milady’s Theory booklet on your own time before being allowed to retake the module exam.

Practical Work 60%

This work is only to be completed after a demonstration of the skill.  Work may be completed on mannequins, students with permission, or paying clients. Due to the complexity of working with clientele, a marking schedule has been created:

Mannequin work

  • Start your design on a freshly washed mannequin
  • create the style
  • present it to Mrs. Sagbo
  • critique the style
  • receive a mark. This is marked on a scale of   O-8 with the max. mark being 8/10
  • record your mark on your calendar
  • wash and store the mannequin
  • complete station clean up

Customer work

  • This work is done on the clientele that Cosmetology has created.  It may be a student within the school, or someone from our clientele base.
  • This work includes proper consultation
  • recording of decisions made on the client card
  • draping and shampooing of the client’s hair.
  • Before beginning the service, offer your client our complimentary coffee or tea, and arrange for it to be made, and delivered. 
  • Completion of a finished style
  • presentation to Mrs. Sagbo
  • Critique
  • accompany your client to the reception area
  •  present the display case
  • receive payment.  You will collect money, and write out a receipt, and turn money into Mrs. Sagbo.
  • receive a mark. This is marked on a scale of   O-10 with the max. mark being 10/10
  • record your mark on your calendar
  • complete station clean up, including dishes from the complimentary beverage

Clientele work 10%

This work is done on the clientele that you are creating.  It may be a student within the school, a relative, or someone from our  community that you have made contact with, and have encouraged to make an appointment. This work includes all of the same steps that customer work entails.  You will also be rewarded with a 10% finders fee, that can be used for purchasing products through Cosmetology.

Hireability 10%

According to industry standards, would you get a job? 

Workstation Routines 

All safety and sanitary procedures must be adhered to at all times.  Having a spotless salon is a priority for comfort and good business, and it will remain a priority for each one of us.


You are required to have a binder for Cosmetology.  This binder needs to be kept updated, and will contain all class work, and record keeping.  We will use this binder during class time. Marks will be deducted for incomplete, or disorganized binders.


Each module has a time requirement, so, you are required to attend all classes, and if a class is missed, it is your responsibility to make up.  If you are unable to attend class, you must inform me beforehand.


Student Expectations

Class days

  • be in class, prepared to work when the bell rings
  • be attentive, take notes during all lectures, demos, dvds, etc. during class
  • complete all assignments, quizzes, homework etc. to the best of your ability
  • be involved in classroom discussions, be a good listener, observer & contributor.

Lab Days

You are expected to:

  • be in a lab jacket and prepared to work at the beginning of class.
  • complete all client related paper work.
  • complete practical work
  • maintain professionalism by:
    • Establishing good communication with fellow students, and clients.
    • Treating everyone as you would want to be treated
    • Following the Good Samaritan Law
  • Sanitation/First Aid
    • Administer first aid for cuts and chemical reaction
    • Follow cleaning and sanitation procedures by:
      • cleaning facility and stations
      • laundering towels, smocks, and capes
      • using barbicide on all tools
      • mastering universal precautions and proper hand washing
      • exhibiting protective clothing and devices to promote safety
    • Take care of personal hygiene and dress code
  •  Involve your parents, relatives, friends & acquaintances in cosmetology

Cosmetology Courtesies

  1. The lab often functions with students working at different levels.  This allows you some freedom to work at your own pace and learn from each other.  With this freedom comes the responsibility of not interfering with others, taking them away from their learning.  A calendar will be kept by you, and updated each day.
  2. You will select the station that you choose to work at, and you will take pride in maintaining that station as you may not be the only one working there.  It must be left in very clean condition at the end of every day.  Mirrors are to be cleaned, the chair is to be pumped down with the hydraulic lift facing outward, the base of the chair is to be washed, the chair and station is to be wiped down, electrical cords wrapped up, brushes and combs returned to their appropriate places, and roller trays need to be tidy. 
  3. You are not to work while seated in the lab chairs.  Lab chairs are reserved for paying clients
  4. Customer service clients are to be marked before leaving the lab.  Please inform me when you are finished their service and I will mark your work than give you the go ahead to finish up with your client service procedures (payment, product recommendations, re-booking, etc).
  5. Mannequin work will be marked upon completion, but the mark will NOT be recorded until it is brushed out, washed out & ready for the next student.
  6. Mutual respect will be practiced at all times.  Please do not borrow without asking first. Once you borrow something it is your responsibility until it is returned to me.
  7.  If you use it, put it away and if you mess it up, clean it up.
  8.  No food or drinks at the stations at any time.
  9. This is a practical course.  Attendance is compulsory.  Any missed practical assignments may be completed over the noon hour, or after school when the lab is open.
  10.  If you are absent on a client service day please call me by 9:00 am.  Calling the office does not bring our attention to your must call the classroom.
  11. Friends and family are welcome and encouraged as clients on customer service days; however, students will be required to get written permission from their teacher prior to all appointments.
  12. Cosmetology students are permitted to purchase supplies from the lab at a discount price, as well, all services are offered to you at a discount price.

Safety & Sanitation Rules

  1. Wear a lab coat when working with a client
  2. Use only sterilized implements on a client
  3. Wash hands before & after each patron
  4. Learn to recognize contagious conditions, & report them professionally to your instructor.
  5. Use clean towels on all clients
  6. All clients must have their hair washed.
  7. Wipe up all spills IMMEDIATELY.
  8. Keep all electrical cords out of traffic lanes
  9. Let all curling irons cool before storing.
  10. Examine your equipment.  If it looks suspicious report to your instructor immediately
  11. Always clean the lint collector before proceeding with laundry
  12. Check with client for allergies.

Fire Drill & Lock Downs

Follow the instruction of your teacher carefully.  Close all windows & doors, Turn out lights. Keep calm.


A successful learning experience, a successful client’s visit, & this program  requires that everyone involved in Cosmetology accepts the terms & responsibilities as outlined within this manual.  Goals must be defined & understood in order to be achieved.  Successful attainment of goals depends on the commitment of members involved.  In order to demonstrate that commitment, all Cosmetology students & their parents are requested to sign the BCHS Cosmetology Agreement.

List of Modules

These modules have been organized into suggested completion, but may vary depending on demand.

Intro Modules

COS1010 Personal & Pro Practices

COS1020 Long Hair Design 1

HSA3400 Hair & Scalp Care 1

HSA3430 Hairstyling 1

HSA3450 Haircutting 1

HSA3520 Chemical Texturizing 1

HSA3570 Hair Coloring 1

EST1020 Skin Care Practices


Intermediate Modules

COS2000 Salon Design

COS2210 CS & Sales 1

COS2010 Long Hair Design 2

HSA3410 Hair & Scalp Care 2

HSA3440 Hairstyling 2

HSA3530 Chem Texture 2-Cold

HSA3580 Hair Coloring 2-Oxidative

EST3040 Hair Removal

EST2050 Make-up

HSA3590 Hair Colour 4 - Decolourization


Advanced Modules

HSA3420 Hair & Scalp Care 3

HSA3460 Haircut 3-Adv Techniques

HSA3630 Historical Cosmetology

COS3000 Science of Cosmetology

COS3010 Pro Relationships

COS3020 Long Hair Design 3

COS3280 Client Sales & Services 2

HSA3540 Chem Texture 3-Heat

HSA3550 Chem Texture 4 - Design

HSA3560 Hair Texturizing

HSA3600 Colour 6 Colour Correct

HSA3620 Hair Goods & Extensions

HSA3640 Creative Cosmetology

HSA3650 Competition Cosmo

HSA3425 Hair & Scalp Care 4 - CS

HSA3445 Hairstyling 3 - CS

HSA3455 Haircutting 2-CS

HSA3465 Haircut 4-Adv Tech CS

HSA3470 Haircutting 5-Creative

HSA3475 Haircutting 6-Creative CS

HSA3485 H/C 7-Current Trend CS

HSA3495 Haircutting 8 – Male CS

HSA3505 Hair Care & Cutting 1-CS

HSA3515 Hair Care & Cutting 2-CS

HSA3555 Chemical Texture 5–CS

HSA3565 Hair Texturizing–CS

HSA3585 Hair Colour 3–CS

HSA3595 Colour 5–Decolourize CS

HSA3605 Hair Colour 7–Adv CS 1

HSA3615 Hair Colour 8–Adv CS 2

HSA3625 Hair Goods & Extend  CS

EST2055 Make-up CS