French 9 Trip

 Departure 17 April 2013

Day 1- Thursday 18 April 2013

Tour Director led Sightseeing in Montreal

Walked up mount Royal and looked out over the city of Montreal, St Lawrence river and saw other mountains in the distance. At the top of mount Royal was a large metal cross that is lit up at night. It was originally made of wood by colonists to give thanks for their settlement being spared from flood during their first spring here.

Visited the Montreal museum of fine arts. It included artwork from paintings to sculptures. The artwork was anywhere from hundreds of years old to only a few years old. It was also spread between two buildings that had multiple stories.

Later we visited Dorchester square and Rue St Catherine. Rue St catherine is a long downtown street that is filled with brand name stores and surrounded by large stone finance buildings. Underneath it all is a vast underground mall where we went to go have lunch.

Enjoy Lunch at Your Own Expense