Graduation Info


Government websites for grade 12s looking at post secondary.

The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) - a website that lets students explore different college and university options.  It includes a database of occupations and links to the schools that offer those programs.

Trade Secrets - a website that lets students explore occupations with the trades.  It includes a database of occupations and the progression to qualify with each trade through an apprenticeship.

Colleges and Universities

University of Alberta Rural Discovery Day is Friday, April 4  2014. Focus is on students from rural areas that are planning to attend.

MacEwan University is offering several Program Information Sessions. For further information and dates go to

King’s University College Open House is Saturday, March 8 from 10 – 2  2014.

University of Alberta Registration 101 Sessions in Edmonton, March 17 – April 3 2014. Please refer to for a listing of Faculty sessions

Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarship/Bursary material available from Ms. Wegner

The bulletin boards in the hallway outside the library, display post-secondary & off-campus info. These are regularly updated; stop occasionally to see what new items have been posted.


Rutherford Scholarship

Scholarship Information - List of courses, required marks and amount of money

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - scroll to the bottom for answers

Scholarship Application Form - Form to apply for Rutherford Scholarship



Graduation Handbook

Graduation Committee Nomination Form

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Scholarship and Bursary Information 2012

Scholarship and Bursary Application Form