Natural Resources

Spring &/or Fall Field Studies

Together with Inroads Mountain sports, BCHS offers a combination of energy, forestry, and wildlife CTS courses. 

The credits offered are on a three-year rotation, so that if students choose they are able to participate every year without duplicating credits during their high school experience.  This program is offered off site at an appropriate outdoor training facility (usually in the Hinton area) and is typically a 4 to 6 day trip. 

This hands-on program of studies meets all the required outcomes of Alberta Learning.  Through activities, tours and theory, participants will be guided through the required material to meet the assessment criteria established in the CTS modules covered.

Students have the opportunity to earn 3 to 5 CTS credits. While earning those credits, students gain confidence, improve competence, and enhance the understanding and desire for creating effective teams.  Students, who have participated, rate their experience as outstanding.  Days are long & expectations are high!