(3 credits will be offered in each area, offered alternating days)

Students will student and integrate courses in culinary and in tourism with hospitality.  Many students entering the field of hospitality management will benefit from this course.

Required Courses:

TOU 1010: The Tourism Sector - Students analyze the organizational structure of the tourism industry at local, provincial, national and global levels. Students will perform introductory investigations of employment opportunities in tourism.

TOU 1040: The Food & Beverage Industry - Students evaluate food and beverage service establishments, explain basic food and beverage handling principles, demonstrate satisfactory food and beverage service skills and adapt service standards to meet the needs of guests.

FOD 1010: Food Basics or FOD 2030:  Food Decisions and Health - Students learn safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care, comprehension of recipes and the importance of efficient work habits.

FOD 2170:  International Cuisine or FOD 3160:  Regional Cuisine - Students discover other cultures by exploring their cuisine, and develop a variety of techniques for international cooking and use of specialized tools.


Optional courses can be chosen from remaining Tourism or Foods Courses