Trades and Technology (T&T)

Rationale: This is an introductory CTS course for students wanting to explore the trades of Carpentry/Cabinetmaking, Auto Mechanics and Welding. It is designed to provide entry level technical knowledge, hand skills and workplace attitudes. Career exploration is also incorporated to encourage students to make connections between areas of interest and skill development. The T&T course will also prepare students for advance level courses in the trades.
However the course will appeal to those students who simply wish to care and maintain their vehicles, build wood projects safely and practice introductory welding skills.

Upon successful completion, each student will receive 6 credits. Students will spend 29 instructional days in each section.

Teachers for each section are: Mr. Jissink — Welding, Mr. Sribney — Auto Mechanics, Mr. Wilkins -- Carpentry/Cabinetmaking. (All 3 teachers are trade journeyman)

This course is offered to all female and male students in grade 10, 11 &12. Though, most
students take the course in grade 10. Girls that enrol, do well in T&T.


The 6 modules covered for 6 credits:

  1. Modes & Mechanisms  Mec1010
  2. Vehicle Service & Care  Mec1020
  3. Construction Tools & Materials  Con1010
  4. Manufactured Materials  Con1160
  5. Fabrication Tools & Materials  Fab1010
  6. Basic Electric Welding  Fab1050