In addition to researching modern issues in Wildlife during lively classroom discussions & debate, students will participate in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits.  Possible activities include: snowshoeing, x-country skiing, survival skills, knot tying, bush craft, archery, gun safety, swimming, canoeing, fire lighting, animal tracks, Morse code, poisonous & edible plants, trip planning, map & compass, wilderness first aid & a tour of the water treatment plant.  Students may also receive 1 Bonus credit for participating in a weekend camping & canoeing trip!!  The flexible nature of this program should allow for some individual preferences & ideas.  




Module WLD1010: What is Wildlife? - Students demonstrate knowledge of wildlife and ecosystems and examine the need to manage and conserve wildlife.

Module WLD1090: Boating Safety - Students may then challenge the Federal Pleasure Craft Operators License exam.

Module WLD1130: Outdoor Survival Skills - Students demonstrate the basic skills required for responsible participation in a range of outdoor activities.

Module WLD2060: Wildlife & Society - Students learn how humans interact & co-exist with wildlife.

Module WLD2090: Researching Issues In Wildlife - Students examine a range of Canadian and global wildlife issues, and presents the results of research on one or more issues concerning wildlife in Canada.

Module WLD3090: Analyzing Issues In Wildlife - Students examine complex wildlife issues & discuss actions that foster sustainability.

Module WLD3910: WLD Project D - Students plan & safely execute a 3 day canoeing/camping trip on a local waterway.