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Hello and welcome to another school year.

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First Day of School

Tomorrow all students should be in their first class by 8:55 am.

Jr High – On the doors of the school and at the office we have posted class lists.  Find out which class you are in and go to that classroom to meet your homeroom teacher.  If you get lost, please ask a staff member and they will be happy to guide you.  During the first class, you will be assigned lockers, have your timetables explained, put your things in your lockers, and get a general school orientation.  Grade 7s will also get a quick school tour.

Sr. High – Some office staff will hand out timetables in the front foyer around 8:40.  Listen for the announcement.  On your timetable, you will find your locker number and combination.  Put your things away and head to your first period class at 8:55 am.

There will be a brief welcoming assembly for each Jr & Sr high.

Collaboration Fridays

This year we will continue our practice of starting classes at 9:30 am.  Students who walk or drive get to start a little bit later.  Students who arrive by bus will be able to study in the library, eat in the cafeteria or play in the supervised gyms.  Collaboration time will start this Friday.


Grade 11 & 12 Extended Learning Time (ELT)

We are excited about a change to our timetable.  This year we are replacing flex time with extended learning time (ELT).  The purpose of ELT is for students to get help with their schoolwork as we realise that many parents and guardians don’t always feel comfortable helping senior high students.  Students are expected to take responsibility and make decisions about their learning.  If they are behind, they are expected to meet with their teachers to get help.  If they have homework, they are expected to complete it.  If they are all caught up they can study or go to an enrichment area.  Students are expected to stay on BCHS grounds during ELT.  ELT will not start until September 18. 


Grade 9 & 10

We expected different use of Flex from Grade 9 & 10 students last year.  As a result, Grade 9 & 10 will have directed extended learning time (ELT) instead of choice ELT.  We are examining the option of including some course of interest (COI) time for the grade 9.  Many of the students enjoyed COI in grade 7 & 8. The grade 10 directed ELT will be reviewed over the semester.


Grade 7 & 8

We are continuing our successful course of interest (COI) time.  Students will have the option of several short fun classes twice a week.  We will also continue their teacher advisory groups (TAG).  The purpose of TAG is to help students do some planning for high school and their future careers.


If you are interested here are some articles for students, parents and guardians.

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